Theraball comes in a robust carry case with instruction booklet.

Massage – Massage relieves tension in the muscles and increase flexibility in joints.  Keeping your horses muscles relaxed will help reduce chancesof injury.  Massaging your horse will help to reduce stress levels and increase relaxation.  Massage encourages muscle repair, swelling and fluid reduction, and healing after injury or illness.  Massage therapy warms up the muscles and helps improve bloodflow through the body, helping to speed up recovery.

Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy also known as cold therapy reduces blood flow to an injured area. This slows the rate of inflammation and reduces the risk of swelling and tissue damage. Cryotherapy can also be used to numb sore or tired muscles acting as a local anaesthetic and slows down the pain messages being transmitted to the brain via the nerves.  Cryotherapy will reduce inflammation and speed up the healing. process for you or your horse.

Thermal Therapy – Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flowto a particular area due to increased temperature.  Increasing the temperature of the affected area can relieve pain, increase muscle flexibility, and promote better blood flow.  Heat therapy can relax and release tension in tight muscles and fascia and help to heal damaged tissue.  With increased oxygenated blood flow to an area through heattherapy this provides an enhanced recovery rate.


Theraball is a 360degree massage ball filled with a gel that allows it to be cooled and heated for added benefits to your horse.

Theraball is designed to make massaging the muscles of your horse easy on your hands.  The ball can be removed from the casing for easy cleaning.

For Cryotherapy place the ball in the freezer overnight.  It will stay cold for up to 6 hours making it beneficial for inflammation, swelling, laminitis etc

For heat therapy place in boiling water.  It will stay warm for up to an hour and is beneficial for joint pain and stiff muscles or just helping to warm the muscles up.

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