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Horseowners Massage


This 12 month online, 3 module course has been designed to give horse owners the basic tools they require to give their horses a good massage.

Equine Sports Massage


This 12 month, 4 module course is a good introduction for anyone wanting to learn how to massage their own horse from the comfort of their own home, or get an idea if a career in massage is for them.

Basic Horse Massage Techniques


This 12 month online Horse Massage Techniques Course will teach about the muscles and a good massage routine you can do with your own horse.

Equine Stretch Exercises


A great little 12 month online course to introduce the student to equine stretching and core body strength in the horse, with loads of stretches you can try at home.

Photonic Therapy for Horses


This 12 month online course has been designed to give an understanding of the types and uses of the photonic torch, how to assess and formulate a plan and provide photonic therapy for the horse.

Tissue Mobilisation Techniques


This 12 monthcourse introduces the participant to Tissue Mobilisation for horses, and delves into some techniques they can use on their own horses or to complement the bodywork they already do or start afresh on their horse.

Introductory Equissage Course


This 12 month course was specifically designed for equissage is aimed at everyone who has purchased an Equissage and would like to further their knowledge in Anatomy, Evaluation and Muscles.

Understanding the Equine Back


The course which is hosted on Facebook, covers everything you might want to know about the horses back!   Using resources such as ebooks, video’s, lives, Q&A sessions, research papers and more.  It does not have a time limit and is constantly being updated with new things!