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Who this course would suit?

This course has been designed for those who are already practising as therapists in the industry, to give them a deeper tool set. It is entirely based online with the practical component consisting of case studies.

We do also have a number of other students join us who just wish to enhance their knowledge or help their horses.  Those without a qualification are required to do a bridging course.

The aim of the certificate is to provide therapists (or those who just want to enhance their own knowledge), with the newest technique of the trade, not taught anywhere else in Australia.  Jessica brings new skills to this course that she learnt from US & UK therapists to provide a new way of treating soft tissue and joint issues.

The program contains a large amount of theory and self guided study, with practical case studies.  It is a completely online certification using the digital chalk online learning platform as well as a student and practitioner facebook group.

Our commitment is to developing practitioners with high quality skills in the field of equine sports therapy, and developing therapists that not only have good technique and feel, but also a wealth of  knowledge .

On completion of the externship you will receive

  • An Internationally recognised Certificate in Tissue Mobilisation Techniques for Horses
  • Ability to join the associations of Equine Therapies Association of Australia & the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies
  • Ability to gain insurance as an equine therapist
  • Graduate listing in our online directory
  • Lifetime membership to our Equestricare community

What we cover

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Evaluating & Palpating & Range of Movement
  • Biomechanics & Movement
  • Superficial & Deep Muscles
  • Tissue Mobilisation Techniques & Routines
  • How to address specific issues
  • Techniques specifically aimed at
    • Atlanto-occipital junction
    • Shoulder Joint
    • Carpal Joint
    • The Spine
    • The Pelvis
    • The Hip Joint
    • The Stifle
    • Tarsal Joint
  • Professional Practice & Clinical Reasoning

What you receive

  • Online Digital Chalk account with your theory modules
  • Each theory module contains manuals, additional reading materials, slideshows, videos, audios and more
  • Tissue Mobilisation Techniques soft cover book and DVD
  • Muscle charts & Muscle Manual
  • Equine Muscles DVD
  • Access to our secret facebook community of tutors, lecturers, graduates and students
  • Unlimited support from your lecturer and course director


Students must already be studying or qualified in a form of equine bodywork, or complete an introductory online bridging course.


This course offers combined delivery self guided online education as well as the need to carry out case studies.

We are very flexible with our training options, so if you have any questions at all please contact us at


$ 175


12 Months

$ 60


12 Months

$ 35