Equine Fitness (Book)


Jec A. Ballou’s distinct love of training and developing horses of all levels is fed by her eclectic background. Raised in a horse training family, she’s gone on to become not only a teacher in her own right but also an author, a philosopher, an athlete, and a poet. For most of her life, Jec has immersed herself in the study of classical dressage training, including ten intensive training residencies in Portugal, two training residencies in Holland, and one residency in Germany with the late Egon von Neindorff. Most recently, she has studied in Melbourne, Australia with Manolo Mendez, original head rider of the Royal School of Equestrian Arts in Spain, and now hosts Mendez for clinics in California. She has worked with over 20 breeds of horses and continues to enjoy the day-to-day journey of training and learning from horses, working tirelessly as an advocate for the understanding that proper biomechanical movement and athleticism can never happen as a result of short-cuts, force, or hurried training methods.

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