Anatomy in Action (Book)


Immerse yourself in this detailed comprehensive study of horse movement from the anatomical perspective.

Of interest to trainers, coaches, therapists, vets, riders and equine professionals from all disciplines.

Anatomy in Action is available as a beautiful, quality, hardback book, a detailed, high definition movement video course or both.

Illustrating the versatility, elegance, strength, beauty, and athletic prowess of the horse in motion, this is a resource to savour, scrutinise, analyse, interpret and relish for years to come.



Anatomy in Action is a large, striking, fold-out catalogue of anatomical movements.  Evaluating paces from walk to gallop, poles to drop fences and lateral work to specialist moves such as the sliding western halt, pesade and capriole, the book consists of 143 pages of compelling skeletal photographic sequences 28 of which are fold-out pages designed to best showcase the magnificent photographs. Concise explanations describing each movement make this book a treasure trove of biomechanical insights for the amateur and professional alike.

Building on Gillian’s earlier publications, this stunning book, which is a piece of artwork in its own right, is of interest to trainers, coaches, therapists, riders from all disciplines, vets, students and others with a fascination for anatomy, biomechanics and how the horse moves.

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