Understanding the Equine Back Online Course

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The course covers everything you might want to know about the horses back!

Using resources such as ebooks, video’s, lives, Q&A sessions, research papers and more

Includes topics on

  • Anatomy of the back
  • Pathologies of the back
  • Exercises for strengthening the back
  • Back therapy techniques
  • Online Support Group
  • Suitable for CPD credits

Developed by qualified equine therapists, this course is aimed at anyone that comes into contact with a horses back!  Riders, trainers, therapists, saddle fitters etc

Understanding the horses back is Equestricare’s new course that’s so much more then just a course.
We started putting together a course with slideshows, manuals, videos etc about the horses back to load as an online course like our others but then we had an idea.  Why not make the course interactive, why don’t we design a course that can grow as information and resources do.

This course will be hosted as a facebook group. It will have all the usual slideshows (as pdf’s), manuals, video’s etc loaded on the group but then there will be weekly information posts, places to share your own experiences and videos and get feedback, research papers, lives, quick tips, quizzes and more.

Your subscription will not end after a certain time, nor will you have to pay a renewal each year, the price is a one off.

So get excited to learn as much as you possibly can about the horses back!!

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