Quenda Glade Massage Club Online Course


Quenda Glade Massage Club Online Course

This course introduces the participant to Anatomy and Massage for horses, and delves into massage techniques and stretches they can use on their own horses.


The course features 1 modules (Introduction to Anatomy, Massage and Muscles and Introduction to Stretching) and includes:
* Manuals on Anatomy, Massage, Muscles and Stretching
* video’s to watch and learn
* 6 x  Slideshows including Introduction to Anatomy, Soft Tissues, Massage, Muscles, Massage routine
* Anatomy of the Horse and Diagnostic imaging e-book.
* 3 x Assignments
* 4 x Quizes
* Online help
* Tutor assigned to you
* Basic Massage Book and DVD

Fully interactive set-up on a “Digital Chalk” platform.  Find out more by going to https://equestricare.digitalchalk.com or buy online today!

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