Certificate in Equine Photonic Therapy with bonus torch!


Equestricare’s Certificate in Photonic Therapy is designed to give the student all the skills they need to perform photonic therapy as part of their business or as a stand alone business plus this version comes with a free professional grade red light torch!!


Why not get a certification in Photonic therapy and a heavily discounted  red light torch at the same time!!

The course includes 5 modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Equine Anatomy – Skeletal anatomy, soft tissues and body systems
  • Module 2 – Equine Evaluation: Equine assessment and palpation techniques
  • Module 3 – Introduction to Photonic Therapy – History, meridians and acupoints
  • Module 4 – Photonic Therapy Applications: The photonic torch, common conditions, photonic therapy basics, other colours
  • Module 5 – Case Studies

This is an online course coupled with an online facebook group and tutoring from Ros Maindok of Equine Functional Solutions.

This course is approved by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies and the Equine Therapies Association of Australia.

The torch is our very own torch.  It is more durable and stronger then the Aculight, being a stainless steel torch but not quite up there with the AAH light.  Suitable for practitioners and home users.

With three diodes, this light has two 660nm diodes and one 850nm near IR and is best for deeper penetration and joint pain.

This torch comes packed in a carry box with 18650 rechargeable battery and charger (with space for an additional battery in the box) plus essential points card, lens cleaner and IR glasses.


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