Aah Light Blue Light Therapy Torch


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Blue light is used on skin conditions.  By using the Blue AAH Light, you are using your body’s natural cellular function to help fight bacteria and inflammation instead of relying on harsh chemicals and other invasive treatment options. The specific wavelengths emitted by the AAH light are absorbed by acne-causing bacteria, such as P. acnes, in the pores. This bacteria then produces a molecule that occurs naturally within the body called a porphyrin, which in turn kills the bacteria. The wavelengths used in this process are between 405 and 420 nanometers, which is different than the wavelengths used in ultraviolet light.


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  • 415 nm continuous blue light
  • Power settings of 200mw, 500mw and 1000mw
  • Type II Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • Acrylic contact tip
  • Water resistant


  • 3.7v Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Canvas belt holster with a metal belt clip
  • Removable Lanyard with size control

Please Note:  Chargers are not included.


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