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73% of clients surveyed said that the most important thing for them when looking for a therapist was reputation. So why not start out in your career with an exquisite one?

The aim of the certificate in equine sports massage is to provide those wanting to become therapists, or those who just want to gain more skills in equine massage, with the latest tools and techniques of the trade, as well as essential anatomical and evaluational knowledge and skills.

Most other courses available focus a large proportion of the practical workshops dedicated to classroom learning. Our view is that this type of learning is best accomplished at a pace set by the individual, and therefore we dedicate most of our practical workshops to developing good feel, technique and a good eye for evaluation.

The program contains 8 modules of theory, self guided study, practical intensives, case studies and one on one guidance.

Our commitment is to developing practitioners with high quality skills in the field of equine sports therapy, and developing therapists that not only have good technique and feel, but also a wealth of background knowledge on anatomy, biomechanics, conformation and exercise physiology.

What we cover

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Anatomical Landmarks
  • Conformation– Form, Function and Evaluation
  • Evaluating & Palpating
  • Biomechanics & Movement
  • Superficial & Deep Muscles
  • Sports Massage Techniques & Deep Tissue Techniques & Routines
  • Conditioning & Exercise Physiology
  • Core Body Strength & Stretch Exercises
  • Introduction to red light therapy
  • Introduction to saddle assessment
  • Professional Practice

What you receive

  • Online Digital Chalk account with your 8 theory modules
  • Each theory module contains manuals, additional reading materials, slideshows, videos, audios and more
  • Basic Massage Techniques soft cover book and DVD
  • Muscle charts
  • Detailed Print manual
  • Supportive classroom environment
  • Access to our secret facebook community of tutors, lecturers, graduates and students
  • Unlimited support from your lecturer and course director

On completion of the externship you will receive

  • An Internationally recognised Certificate in Equine Sports Massage
  • Ability to join the associations of Equine Therapies Association of Australia & the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies
  • Ability to gain insurance as an equine therapist
  • Graduate listing in our online directory
  • Lifetime membership to our Equestricare community


To graduate students must undertake all course hours, assignments and quizzes in each module, two essays, 25 case studies and a practical exam.


This course offers combined delivery options of self guided and guided study via distance and online education as well as practical intensives.  There is 12months for the completion of theory and up to 2yrs for the entire course.

We are very flexible with our training options, so if you have any questions at all please contact us at